All Services as detailed above are delivered co-developed working with you in shared digital formats. Everything is empirically researched and resource based.

For those not working on a direct project we offer

Innovation Workshops

Centric Innovation Labs are 1/2 day workshops with our insight team, who are from the fields of Neuroscience, Architecture and Urban Placemaking focused on imparting new ways of thinking in how to enhance the user experience.

Each session is prepared bespoke; researching and tailoring the day to your company and your identified problems to solve. The day will be part presentation led and interactive on a specific project being conducted by the company.


  • Understand the mental processes of target markets and the biology of their perceived experiences in physical environments.
  • Future-proof plans by understanding how to look at cognitive influencers behind user experience and engagement rather than following expensive short lived trends.


Reports are designed to empower companies with new information, heuristics and understandings of human cognition and behaviour that would influence their general approach to design.

Workshops are included to ensure dissemination to all team members.


  • Gain IP and language that can be used in promotional material about your enhancement of the experience of physical environments as a result of the commissioned report.
  • Develop a playbook of actions around improving the Cognitive Journeys of target demographics.
  • Future-proof new projects by developing a company wide methodology and toolkit based around scientific evidence of experience 

Any questions just contact us via 020 7377 9279 or hello@thecentriclab.com