Evaluating Urban Environments from a biological and human scale to enhance health, wellbeing and experience.

— Visual examples of previous work —

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Here is a selection of consultancy work produced for three very different clients.

Every project is delivered in a bespoke format to help our clients make the best use of our work.


Client: Future Cities Catapult

Service: Scientific Dossier (special project)

Aim: To create a first of its kind framework of how neuroscience research can be put into practice in cities. Presented as a set of new tools, methodologies and strategies for organisations big and small, to adopt neuroscience insights into their supply chain. 


Client: Stir PR

Service: Scientific Dossier

Aim: A Thought Leadership report for internal use and external promotion.

Client: TH Real Estate

Service: Sense of Place assessment

Aim: To inform internal teams on decision making. All research was translated for industry implementation. The Risk Assessment guided a multi-disciplinary development team in how small interventions would improve the overall experience of users. This was based on an analysis of the cognitive tasks being performed on site by users now and in the future.


Service: Scientific Dossier & Sense of Place framework

Aim: To improve management of commercial real estate assets with human biology and user experience at the heart of all decision making.