Additional Research facilities

Our partnership with UCL gives us access to world-class testing facilities


An academically driven research team within the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience at UCL. Specialises in spatial cognition research, with leading publications in high-impact scientific journals. 

  • Allows for the study of the neural basis of spatial cognition.

  • Employs cognitive and behavioural neuroscience techniques.

  • Research methods include MRI, EEG, MEG, transcranial electrical stimulation, virtual reality, neuropsychological testing of patients, eye-tracking, mass online testing via bespoke apps, cognitive discourse analysis, rodent behavioural testing and single unit electrophysiological recording in rodents.

A unique and novel engineering research facility in North London, using highly flexible equipment such as a pneumatic testing platform, suspended lighting and sound systems to build full-scale infrastructure in a controlled setting.

  • Allows for the collection of quantifiable data on human movement and interactions.

  • Mimics real world environments in a controlled manner.

  • Enables the collection and analysis of data, allowing researchers to gain a better understanding of how the built environment impacts upon pedestrians ability to move around.