Prof. Hugo Spiers

Director of Science.

Prof Hugo Spiers is a Reader in Neuroscience at University College London and Head of the UCL Spatial Cognition Laboratory. He has over 20 years experience of conducting neuroscience research on how the brain represents space and published over 60 peer-reviewed research articles. He has received numerous awards for his research, including the 2008 Charles Darwin Award from the British Association for the Advancement in Science and a Scholar Award (2011) from the James S. McDonnell Foundation (USA).

His direct research income has totalled over £1M, with his last project testing over 3 million people world-wide being supported by T-mobile (Sea Hero Quest) involving over £10M in supporting costs. Currently his research team is working on projects with the world leaders in artificial intelligence, Google’s Deep Mind.

In Jan 2017 he became Director Science at The Centric Lab and established the UCL-Centric Multimodal VR Lab.