• Understand the mental processes of target markets and the biology of their perceived experiences in physical environments.
  • Future-proof plans by understanding how to look at cognitive influencers behind user experience and engagement rather than following expensive short lived trends.
  • Understand what is a Cognitive Journey, and how it is used to identify where opportunities and problems can occur on their physical journey.
  • Build a new toolkit for future decision making by learning about where difference experience measurement tools can be used ethically with genuinely beneficial results.
  • Get a greater return on investment by working to identify the Specific Human Problem rather than a perceived superficial one.

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Centric Innovation Labs are 1/2 day workshops with our insight team, who are from the fields of Neuroscience, Architecture and Urban Placemaking focused on imparting new ways of thinking in how to enhance the user experience.

Each session is prepared bespoke; researching and tailoring the day to your company and your identified problems to solve. The day will be part presentation led and interactive on a specific project being conducted by the company.

Presentations from our team will be on:

An interactive session on the ‘Introduction to Neuroscience: How Our Brain Experiences the Built Environment’ with a short Q&A session followed, and how science is ethically translated for industry use. A short talk on the why neuroscience will be a tool for the real estate industry going forward - helping deliver greater returns on investment by effective spaces increasing human output and how to identify where to make interventions in the lifecycle of development and operation. How we use neuroscience to create design guidelines that enhance the users experience through increased health, wellbeing and productivity.