• Gain empirical scientific insights into human behaviour in a chosen built environment.
  • Gain IP and language that can be used in promotional materialabout your enhancement of the experience of physical environments as a result of the commissioned report.
  • Develop a playbook of actions around improving the Cognitive Journeys of target demographics.
  • Future-proof new projects by developing a company wide methodology and toolkit based around scientific evidence of experience 

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Neuroscience sheds understanding on how the brain and central nervous system help construct the world around us. Furthermore, technology is now working in symbiosis with science to give us a deeper, clearer, and more detailed vision of ourselves and our behaviours.

Insight Reports are designed to empower companies with new information, heuristics and understandings of human behaviour that would influence their general approach to design.

All work is delivered in report format, with options for it to be an interactive digital resource. Alongside the report we conduct a series of workshops that expand on the chapters within, leaving one spare that is client led, arranged to begin the next stages of adopting neuroscience and Centric Lab related processes into ways of working.