Human Centric Cities


All successful long standing products and services are adaptive and human centric. Our cities should be no different. We should be building on top of smart city technologies to uncover methods to best satisfy and support human needs such as feeling productive and have a sense of wellbeing.

User Experience (UX) design has been around since the 1940s and we live it daily when we visit a great website, use a great phone, or a well-designed car. It has been easy for technology and automotive industries to perform UX research, the parameters for measuring experience were limited and highly controllable. There was a very direct and binary relationship between the product, how it performed, and the user’s expectation. This ultimately has been its success in scaling the results globally. This has also highlighted why in urban design the real estate industry and construction processes have lagged behind other industries in adopting these processes. Things are just more complicated with cities and the multiple parameters of influence they possess. So where does one start?

Start with learning about the human.....


Josh ArtusGuest Article