Placing Mind in Metropolis


My journey into the heart of the city begins with Dr Hugo Spiers from University College London. We start off with bricks and mortar, but quickly veer off into psychology’s accepted place in a city.

Spiers tells me there used to be psychologists within many architecture departments [and indeed see this piece in our archive]. Yet he adds, ‘I’ve spoken to large construction firms and they’ll say, “Look, we don’t want to hear about p-values, we just want to know does it work?” But that’s the antithesis of what we do as scientists. I don’t go on the Today programme and say, “Our data shows it works 100% of the time!” Buildings are a piece of engineering and what goes into them now is incredible, but you can’t apply smart technology to buildings and just assume it’ll work for people… human beings are very complex. The jump to psychology, neuroscience and smart technology is big, but it’s really hard for firms to get their heads round.’.....READ MORE ON 'THE PSYCHOLOGIST' WEBSITE