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Poverty, Homelessness & PTSD

Is there a link between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and poverty?

Poverty and homelessness are culturally perceived through the lenses of economics and politics. However, as neuroscience advances, we are starting to understand that there is a crucial biological aspect to poverty. This evidence will allow us to understand the long term mental and physical health implications of poverty and homelessness.

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Josh ArtusAnnouncement
People Centric Cities Mipim2018

The Centric Lab were honoured to recently take part in an invitation only think-tank session for mayors and urban leaders at the Mipim2018 conference in Cannes.

On Thursday morning, Josh Artus presented a keynote alongside esteemed peers from UN-Habitat and McKinsey & Co. It had a subsequent feature on the official magazine handed out throughout the 4 day conference attended by roughly 25,000 professionals from the industry.

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