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Workplace of the Future

With a question from the floor, Dan Silverman of U.K. and European Investments absolutely nailed it. To paraphrase: It is easy for large office owners and developers to embrace the most cutting-edge trends when it comes to technology, data, design and wellness. But how do you do that if, like a vast swathe of the commercial property world, you are a small or midsize landlord, with older, unfashionable assets, catering to tenants who want 5K SF or less?

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Measuring Experience

Moving from an industry based on aligning inputs to one that focuses on the outputs is not necessarily the way things have been done today in the built environment, but it’s surprisingly easy to think about it that way round.

As science has over the years developed new hierarchies of our understanding of nature, our biology, material products, it’s also giving us a new hierarchy in the mental and cognitive processes of our brains. As advancements in technology have allowed us to develop autonomous drones and algorithmic architecture it has also progressed the ability to understand the brain

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The World's Top Neuroscientists Are Helping Shape The Future Of Cities

In communist East Germany, urban planners deliberately designed towns, streets and buildings to grind down the sense of individuality of residents, and make them feel like they were constantly under scrutiny. Architects, developers and public authorities have always used the built environment to create specific feelings. Such a movement is growing across the globe, intersecting leading-edge science, design and thinking about the built environment…..

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