Virgin Future Visions


Future Visions is the series that explores the surreal world of tomorrow through the finest minds of today. In this instalment we hear from Araceli Camargo, who has some bold thoughts on the future of buildings and the impact of artificial intelligence on society...

Meet our expert, Araceli Camargo. Araceli is a cognitive neuroscientist, with a specialisation on perception. She is the co-founder of THECUBE London and INPUT Lofts in NYC, which are co-working spaces. As a science communicator she has worked with companies like Lloyds TSB, NHS, Bumpass and Parr, Ultra Fabrics, and Communicator Group.

Araceli recently co-founded a neuroscience lab for the built environment in partnership with UCL called The Centric Lab. The lab specialises in understanding how people experience the physical and social world around them, which in turn helps create better user experience of buildings and cities......READ MORE ON VIRGIN'S WEBSITE