Prof. Stephen Gage (Advisor)


Professor Stephen Gage is Principal Research Associate & Emeritus Professor at the The Bartlett School of Architecture within the Faculty of the Built Environment. Prof. Gage has been in Architecture since the 1960's studying at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, greatly influenced at the AA by the work of Cedric Price and Gordon Pask. On graduating he worked with a UK Government research group where we generated the first national design guides for Fire and Police stations.

Professor Gage in 1974 was invited to teach at the Architectural Association In 1976 teaching until 1993 in various capacities. In 1973 he also joined the Douglas Stephen Partnership where I led the design team for a number of published buildings, mostly in the medical field. Professor Gage started teaching at the Bartlett in 1993 leading the Diploma Unit 14, the Bartlett interactive Architecture Workshop, became the Director of Technology in the School of Architecture and reengaged with theoretical research that is ongoing. He was appointed Director of Design in 1999. In addition to Research and PhD supervision he now leads the theory component of the MArch Architectural Design programme. 

Professor Gage is part of the RIBA architectural national and international course validation panel and currently external examiner at the Danish Schools of Architecture and at the Architectural Association in London. The past two years, he been instrumental in setting up the new Masters in Architecture programme, Design for Performance and Interaction.