We bring the messy world of post-occupancy evaluation into a structured pre-development process.


Built environment assessments and mitigations for new developments in planning to design stages (RIBA Stages 0/1/2/3)



Gather top down factors of user-base via secondary urban data platforms. These can be commute times, methods of transport, health, and other lifestyle information that can play a role in how a person experiences and expects from an area.

Assess the quality of experience of an area using our Sense of Place tool. This has been developed using urban and neuroscience secondary data. This assessment looks at walkability, wellbeing, and likability of an area. 

Use secondary neuroscience data to understand the human experience and to make mitigations and guidelines that would enhance long term sustainable user experience. 



Refining project briefing and programming to better support development decision making and pre-leasing of an asset.

Identifying the risks earlier to reduce long term operational and capital expenditure.

Contribute to existing sustainability building guidelines. This includes understanding the human-to-building relationship. The value proposition is to offer users a better experience whilst still running the building energy efficiently. 

The built industry is a high contributor to climate change and therefore it must be conscience of how to reduce its impact at every stage of the supply chain. Furthermore, we predict that consumers will soon use sustainability as a metric for engagement. It is already happening to other industries where the environmental impact and sustainability of a product become a factor in consumption. 



Large projects typically over 200,000 sq ft for single buildings or complex projects likely to include varying demographics and non-normative persons such as neurodiverse. Suitable projects include:

  • Large urban developments

  • Regeneration projects

  • Health & Education facilities for people with specific neurological differences

Previous Clients have included