User Experience Assessment



of employees don't think that their workplace enables them to work productively

Leesman 250k Review


of U.S. GDP ($2.2tn) is lost annually due to chronic disease, work-related injuries and illnesses, and disengagement at work.

Global Wellness Institute


increased risk of mood disorders from urban living.

J Peen et al (2009)


What we need from our built environments has changed.

Centric Lab offer a PRE-occupancy user experience assessment to put users at the heart of a project and reverse the above figures.


Through our bespoke program NOBLE we take the passive world of post occupancy reviews that don’t benefit the owner, developer or occupier and bring the analysis to the front end of a project to directly support decision making. This helps create more user friendly and commercially and socially sustainable environments.

NOBLE is informed by 30+ years of neuroscience, biological and psychological studies to remove cultural bias. This is a more accurate way in sustainable forecasting that supports users needs on an on-going basis.

We help future proof assets based on elevated user experience, health and wellbeing.

Our areas of specialism are;

Future of Work | Neurodiversity | Navigation & Dwell in Public Realm | Speciality & Elderly Living

This service is suited to projects where there are elements of complexity and where marginal gains have long term high rewards. Fees for this service start at £20,000, are delivered in digital and professionally designed reports, include workshops. Our work is peer reviewed by scientists from our network to ensure rigour.

This is a 6-8 week specialised process with the outputs informing multi-disciplinary teams at pre-planning, design and occupancy stages in how to improve human outcomes.

We have done this for leading international companies, most recently on projects such as 70 St Mary Axe and International Quarter London.


"A pre-design risk assessment for people. Do that and look the investment looks after itself. Simple really"

- Commercial Real Estate Client, July 2018.


A small sample from a recent report;

Josh Artus