We offer a 3hr workshop directed at architects, designers, planners and placemakers on Neurodiversity.

For too long neurodiversity has been treated like a form of disability in the built environment, and all too often designed out of projects. Neurodiversity is a collective term for a series of mental differences of which many are spectrum related; autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia but also including dementia and other forms of cognitive difference and impairment.

Understanding how to factor neurodiverse sensitivities in design and development briefs of buildings, places and cities, will support a normative population under stress as well as those who are made vulnerable by our built environments.

This workshop will start to empower workspace designers and workplace strategists to deliver truly inclusive spaces that support the health and wellbeing from a biological perspective, and in certain areas directly support productivity.

This workshop has a set charge of £2,000 and includes a best practice guideline at the end of the workshop helping practitioners make better decisions in projects.


The workshop is led by Araceli Camargo who has 5+ years in science communication and whose previous clients include NHS, Lloyds Banking Group, Schroders, and AECOM.

Josh Artus