We offer a 3hr workshop directed at architects, designers, planners and placemakers on Neurodiversity.

For too long neurodiversity has been treated like a form of disability in the built environment, and all too often designed out of projects. Neurodiversity is a collective term for a series of mental differences of which many are spectrum related; autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia but also including dementia and other forms of cognitive difference and impairment.

Understanding how to factor neurodiverse sensitivities in design and development briefs of buildings, places and cities, will support a normative population under stress as well as those who are made vulnerable by our built environments.

This workshop will start to empower workspace designers and workplace strategists to deliver truly inclusive spaces that support the health and wellbeing from a biological perspective, and in certain areas directly support productivity.

This workshop has a set charge of £2,000 and includes a best practice guideline at the end of the workshop helping practitioners make better decisions in projects.

You'd hire a structural engineer to perform a risk assessment on stability and ensure it doesn't fall down. So why wouldn't you hire neuroscientists to do a human based risk assessment to ensure a scheme's resilience against complex and changing human needs?


This is where we directly change and impact buildings, areas and cities by consulting for real estate/architectural and development organisations. By using our neuroscience based systems we help future proof assets based on elevated user experience, health and wellbeing. This is a 6-8 week specialised process with the outputs informing multi-disciplinary teams at pre-planning, design and occupancy stages in how to improve human outcomes.

We take an ecological approach to user-task analysis. Users are understood from a sociological perspective to understand goals and objectives. Thereafter, broken down into ‘Types’ that are based on biological and cognitive baselines. This removes cultural bias to identify core long standing needs in which an environment can then be adapted to suit. This is a more accurate way in sustainable forecasting in supporting users needs.

Our areas of specialism are;

Future of Work | Neurodiversity | Navigation & Dwell in Public Realm | Speciality & Elderly Living

This service is suited to projects where there are elements of complexity and where marginal gains have long term high rewards. Fees for this service start at £20,000, are delivered in digital and professionally designed reports, include workshops and are peer reviewed by scientists from our network to ensure rigour.

We have done this for leading international companies, most recently on projects such as 70 St Mary Axe and International Quarter London.

"A pre-design risk assessment for people. Do that and look the investment looks after itself. Simple really"
- Commercial Real Estate Client, July 2018.

We help organisations needing to know more about human cognition and biology to inform business strategy, data collection and/or product development.

The deliverables are frameworks, toolkits and “wiki’s” to help make decisions in the future more effective. Durations vary depending on brief.

Most recently for the Moody Month app which is a project that excites us greatly in improving the health of all women across the world.

We are always open to partnering with forward thinking organisations to further knowledge in the interconnected field of neuroscience, people and built environments.

This has resulted in a world first playbook/framework called 'Neuroscience for Cities' with the Future Cities Catapult.

We are also partnered with the research project 'Ecological Brain' with University College London.