This in reference to those that are driven by many small tasks. Administrators, general workers, PA’s, students, project managers, or office managers.

This type will be quite desk bound for most of their day, however, when they break, they will be the ones that will make the most use of active lobby and other communal areas.

Finally, as they part of their job will require to seek new information, having areas for them to be able to quietly research will be important.

On a side note, this demographic is at most risk for automation, they might not exist in 10-15 years time. 


Research: Information seeking and management

Sustained Attention

Executive Function

Reward System


Executive Function

Sustained Attention

Cognitive Empathy
Repetitive Tasks Divided Attention

Cognitive Control

Pyschological Safety



  1. Most of their time will be spend in front of a screen in order to answer emails, schedule meeting or do work. Therefore they will be quit desk bound, meaning that the space should prompt them to be more active. This means making outdoor areas attractive and accessible. 
  2. They will also be at the receiving end of people stress. Whether it is a supervisor or CEO imposing deadlines or a colleague being difficult. This means they might feel less in control than all “types” making them need psychological safety. They will expect the space to provide opportunities for respite. Rest areas or lounges where they can briefly restore or feel “safe” will be important. 
  3. As their job will entail repetition having a space which affords stimulation such as an active lobby or outsides areas will be expected by this “type”
  4. As work moves towards providing opportunities for extra education, this type will be the most engaged in these type of events. Therefore allocating areas for learning within the coworking space will afford this opportunity.
  5. This type could be trained up the ladder, rather than made redundant if automation challenges their job. In which case the third space will be spent on further education.