22nd November 2017

Woods Bagot offices in Fitzrovia, London


Buzzword bingo is an easy game to play in many meetings, and traversing the world of science and industry we were being bombarded with various definitions of the term wellbeing with little affect.

Given that wellbeing is as subjective as happiness, it’s quite clear to see why some wellbeing strategies are falling on some deaf ears and not fulfilling its promises to industry. Without any clear definitions we’re only going to be creating something ineffective.

In partnership with architectural firm Woods Bagot, we at Centric wanted to corral leaders from across the full supply chain of the industry, to try and do some myth busting and bring some order of rights and responsibilities.

The roundtable was hosted at the wonderful offices of Woods Bagot in Fitzrovia and our key anchors to a 18 strong group were:

  • Araceli Camargo, Cognitive Neuroscientist
  • Sarah Ellen O’Farrell, Behavioural Scientist
  • Sarah Paddington, Mental Health & Safety Expert

The 3 anchors had a variety of experience in first defining wellbeing, building strategies around it, and understanding the day-to-day nuances of delivering these.

Across the table were industry leaders from major firms in technology, real estate, engineering, planning, and coaching - the house was full of ideas, as well as lovely wine and cold cuts.

Key themes that were discussed

- Importance for landlords (hardware) to get more information and data from tenants (software) to ensure that buildings can run smoother and be better adjusted to meet occupier needs

- Wellbeing is far more than just adding group yoga classes when it comes to how corporations and companies want to breed a culture of wellbeing

- The lack of robust metrics and indexes that cater towards the human/psychological sides of wellbeing is leaving policy makers and representative bodies lacking foresight

- clean air is fundamental - it shouldn’t be considered a badge of success for helping breed wellbeing, it’s not a mark of achievement, it’s a basic right.

- the lack of understanding the psychological makeup of people within the office space led to inappropriate copying of other peoples styles

- do you bring the community into your building, or embed the culture of your organisation in your community - which is best?


These themes will be explored further in a panelled session in the New Year with a date of early March set in mind but not yet stone - we’ll confirm with you all closer to the time. 

Given that we’ve already spent the best part of a few hours and bottles of wine exploring how each other think, the conversation will be curated to be direct, engaging, informed and interactive with the audience.

We hope to see you there.



We’d like to acknowledge and thank for their time Hannah Keeney, Colin Devereaux, Paul Davis, Peter ODonnell, Sarah-Beth Money, Olivia Saxen, Andrew Martin, Eniitan Page, Glynne Steele, Robert Stark, Alison Coward, Jamie Anderson, Euan Mills, David Izett, Itai Palti and of course our fabulous host and event partner Amelia Saberwal of Woods Bagot